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  1. I’ve used multiple cheats since I’ve started cheating in CSGO almost 2 years ago, such as iniuria, unityhacks, omniaim, and platinum cheats go name a few. This cheat by far is the best one I’ve used yet in terms of legit cheating. Legit aimbot: 100/10 nothing more needs to be said about it, prob the best I’ve used. Played multiple faceit client games with it and was called insane/godly but never got hackusated by my teamates, only the enemy whom I shat on. Visuals: 10/10 does the job and colors are all customizable, no bugging out of visuals Misc: 10/10 bhop, backtrack, etc. Community/staff: Great community and the staff is very quick to respond to any and all problems you have. The cheat is also updated almost everyday bringing in new features. Conclusion: If you’re in the market for a legit cheat that’s not pasted and has great security, I 100% recommend this cheat. #1
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    4 Random CSGO accounts :P

    Good luck to everyonee !
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    cool thanks can i use visuals there?
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    Hi at all, can I use this hack on ESEA Servers? Greetings astn