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  1. Kovaks

    HWID Valorant

    spoofer working bro
  2. Kovaks

    PUBG cheat review

    Before I start, I just want to thank overmod staff for the effort they put onto there cheats and how you guys listen to us as a community. Aimbot: 8.5/10- The aimbot on this cheat is great. You can be raging pretty hard and it will still look legit, not only that but the aim magnet is very strong so you can stay locked onto your targets. Also, the velocity prediction is great too especially that it does not use any kind of bullet exploit which is what I love about this.This does need some tweaks though such as some aimspot and recoil control tweaks but other than that this is one of the best you can get for PUB G. Visuals: 10/10- What more could you ask for? it has everything you need a smart filter, constantly show enemies up to 1km, and a favourite weapon engine where you can change the colour of your favourite weapon so you can spot it out easily. The customization on this is unbelievable and probably the only cheat I'v seen for PUB G that you can customize that much. The main thing that makes the visuals great is how optimized they're. This ESP does not affect my frames at all which shows how well built it was made. Performance/Stability: 9/10 This cheat will not affect your frames at all or at least you will not notice it. Sometimes there might be sudden crashes but they aren't often at all so it doesn't really hurt much. Security: 10/10- A semi public cheat that has been undetected since release is extremely impressive and shows how secure this cheat really is. Mostly cheats like this only last couple of weeks while this has lasted over a month without being detected. Price: 10/10 - $70 usd that's just under priced for the features that unity offers and the security. This is a gift. This is one of the best PUBG cheats I have ever used I would recommend to everyone who is verified to buy this you will not regret it believe me.
  3. Kovaks

    Free PUBG Steam accounts giveaway!

    +1 🙂 good luck boys
  4. Kovaks

    CSGO Question

    thx but i sold it already
  5. Kovaks

    CSGO Question

    And i still don't banned xD
  6. Kovaks

    CSGO Testimonial

    I've had Immunity CSGO for about 2 weeks now, enough time for me to understand the features and how to use the cheat. I have been cheating for about 2.5 years in csgo with different cheats, and I have heard of OM from friend (ty bro for the great cheat recommendation :D). Ever since I've wanted it but never had the money. Now I have it and this is my review of Immunity. AIMBOT: 10/10 This is what I have been looking for in a legit cheat. Plenty of customization lets you tune the cheat to you specifically. Looks very legit, I can cheat on my main without worrying about my aimbot doing weird things. Nothing else to say but GREAT ! VISUALS: 7.5/10 The visuals work as intended, and look pretty good. Only reason its not 10/10 is probably because im used to all the fancy visuals of the bigger p2c's. Nothing wrong with them I just wish there was certain things, but im sure they aren't there for good reasons. Has unique visuals I havent seen before so thats cool 😄 MISC: 5/10 Not a lot of misc options, but DO NOT let that deter you. Most misc options on a lot of cheats are useless and probably dont help with security. But if you(like me) are used to big p2c's; dont expect a lot of the misc features big p2c's have. SECURITY : 10/10 I trust using this cheat on my main, and going forward this will be the only cheat I use on my main. This cheat just has the vibe of feeling secure, from setting it up, to how it is ingame. Honestly security was the main appeal to me, and so far has shown it is worth it. SETUP: 5/10 (read: actually 10/10 if you know what you are doing) Only reason for the low score is because this cheat isn't a "plug-and-play" cheat if you will. Personally wasn't hard to setup for me, but if you haven't ever used a cheat before you will almost most likely need assistance in setting this up. Not as simple as most p2c's are just a client u run and boom: you are cheating. This is actually a good thing though, as it probably deters all the dumb little kids who know nothing about cheats. OVERALL: 11/10 I really enjoy this cheat and going forward will use this as my main legit cheat. You can tell that the staff and coder take pride in their cheat, and its not just some paste like every big cheat. If you are coming from other cheats looking for a solid legit cheat, you landed in the right place. I would recommend this to all my friends who cheat and are looking for a good legit cheat. Thanks overmod.
  7. Kovaks

    Rust Cheat

    its very cheap to test
  8. Kovaks

    3x 5$ Steam card giveaway.

    im gayy
  9. Kovaks


    You really guys supporting ESEA? OMG.. Thats amazing news for me. Last questions before i buy: Its UD now? How long i will wait for build? My friend using Immunity on esea and has no bans. It's fking awesome. Hope to get an answer as soon as possible ..