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  1. letsgetit

    CSGO Question

    also lost more than 200 bucks on fking crap, here you are safe my friend 💪
  2. letsgetit

    Payment Processing

    Sorry for being impatient lol. Made payment in BTC and sent a support ticket a few hours ago. Just want to make sure nothing is wrong 😮
  3. letsgetit

    FaceIt AC

    Sorry for bumping thread (didn't want to make a new one lol). Probably gonna buy the cs cheat in a few days (gotta back to lvl 10 faceit), could I get a link to the purchase page. And is it $80 or $100? Seems to be two different prices :/.
  4. letsgetit

    FaceIt AC

    One more question (might be a little strange). The old cheat (was discontinued) I used for FaceIt didn't work on the newest build of Windows 10 (1809). Would there be any issues If i finally upgrade to this build with the csgo cheat? Thanks 🙂
  5. letsgetit

    FaceIt AC

    I realise that. Have cheated on faceit before. Only real proof that exists could be a video (with faceit client open using cheats) and having the same faceit acc not banned for cheating ~a month later. Anyway, looks pretty promising, i'll buy soon if slots are still available <3.
  6. letsgetit

    FaceIt AC

    Hello. Is your CSGO cheat undetected on the current FaceIt Anti-Cheat build? And if so, do you have any proof? I know most software cheat methods got patched a month ago.