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  1. omma02

    Questions regarding faceit

    hi their cheat safe on faceit, as i know last time detected 11 months ago undetected now i can confirm
  2. omma02


    They are not planning it in the future because in security reasons.. this hack slotted m8
  3. omma02

    Fortnite Cheat review

    About overmod.us Awesome support that answers very quickly .. I didn’t know a single provider where I got answer faster than here, the prices are good, they are worth it, and even they are slightly understated. You are completely safe if you use OVERMOD. Aimbot 8.5/10 the aimbot is amazing don't get me wrong it's smart with the bone scan and visibility check which work perfectly but they're some minor improvements that can be added. Also sometimes the aimbot can struggle to shoot when driving or flying at times too but I think that's just the game mechanics and can't really be improved. 1. option to not focus knocked players 2. improve the sticky aim (sometimes at close range when jumping the sticky aim can be a bit slippery) 3. Sniper prediction (not too important but can be a good addon) ESP 7/10 Doesn't have many options at the moment however it is nice and smooth and I really like the visibility box esp colour and how you can change the colours and edge percentage Spoofer 10/10 my experience with the spoofer has been almost perfect except some random kicks I use to get but never had issues where I couldn't play at all Stability 9.4/10 Sometimes I will get random blue screens when trying to load the client but they have been pretty minimal lately and other than that I have no crashes in game and always injects smoothly. If you are thinking of choosing it or not My answer is definitely yes! It is 100% worth your money.
  4. omma02

    CSGO, PUBG, R6S Accounts Giveaway

    So guys giveaway have been finished! There is winners: @codyCSGO (1x csgo account with Lem rank in mm) @SoFaded (1x PUBG account random) @floW_cs (1x csgo with master guardian rank in mm) @Unique (2x r6s accounts random) PM me for prizes!
  5. Hello guys, if you want to win here just post any comment! I will announce a results in 2 weeks 🙂 Good luck to everyone!
  6. omma02

    Incredibly Fortnite cheat

    Yeah I agree, it's best Fortnite hack which you can get and for cheap price. Fuck haters thanks for your review
  7. omma02

    Buying Fortnite cheat