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  1. itsdalegend


    +: I have renewed and paid for a Lifetime plan because this Valorant cheat is Undetected for a very very long time. 0 Detections since the release. +: Super easy for setup and running! No FPS drops +: They update really fast and the features are great. Included free HWID Spoofer. -: Support is really slow sometimes, that’s not looks ignor but i hope you guys improve your support system 😞 +: Good ESP and Aimbot. 10/10 easy to use and super good cheat. I hope you guys can add more features in the future because its been a while since you guys updated features on the cheat.
  2. itsdalegend

    HWID Valorant

    This spoofer works fine
  3. itsdalegend

    exclusive subscriber review (cs: go cheat)

    nice review m8, can you show me your settings?
  4. itsdalegend

    Incredibly Fortnite cheat

    nice review :)
  5. itsdalegend

    mouse raw input

    you have to have raw input off for the cheat to work, not on 😜
  6. itsdalegend

    10$ BTC Giveaway $$$

    First :D
  7. itsdalegend

    how to setup on faceit

    Aimbots will work on faceit.
  8. itsdalegend


    Immunity supports it 😎
  9. itsdalegend


    It's impossible.
  10. itsdalegend

    no driver response, error code after load..

    CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite??
  11. itsdalegend

    CS:GO esea immunity

    So far my experience with overmod Solutions has been the best by far, in terms of the zero to some amounts of help given. lol I've asked a few times in the vip area about the CSGO cheat's aim settings and i didn't get a reply until the day after... This is in the vip area, mind you. About CSGO esea cheat i can say.. its truly legit cheat. With very proffessional security. I played 25+ matches on ESEA without any bans. I think its enough information. I reccomend this cheat aswell. Security is the best by far when it comes to this though, don't really have to worry about anything. Thanks:D