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  1. Haukestice

    I love this CSGO cheat

    AIMBOT 10/10 In my opinion they did very well with the aimbot and has so many different options it's actually P as hell, you can semi rage and tap bad spinners or you can setup a very legit looking config and play on your main no issue. The trigger bot is also pretty decent, not the best but it doesn't have to be honestly it has enough settings to get the job done. VISUALS I didn't really like the visuals at first but they grew on me, very simple not too stressful on your pc either. I won't even rate the visuals as this is the least important part of the cheat. GUI The gui of the cheat is fire. I love the ability to customize the theme and you don't even have to if that's not your thing, the default look is just as good and you know it's razeit whenever you see it on someone's screen. SECURITY 10/10 All peoples say it's never detected and i think thats true because i dint get banned on faceit but i cheating on it over 10 months