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  1. Full Review Of All Settings in 12 Hours __________________________________________ Aimbot : 9/10 (All good) Visuals : 8/10 (Good Visuals) SkinChanger : 5/10 (Fast Updating Skin Changer) ( Knife skin changer is incredibly buggy :c ) Triggerbot : 10/10 (Alot of options) BunnyHop : 8/10 (Good non-extraordinary bhop) League security : 10/10 (I didn’t fully believe that I could get a faceit client cheat for 65 bucks, but it's true, you guys should raise the price, this is amazing) All good and worth the money if they would fix the fucking skinchanger
  2. kL1x1337


    Made a BTC payment for csgo and got no access yet. https://imgur.com/9MsvvDw