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  1. I used many different cheats last three years but this is the only product that is perfect for Legit play.I play only faceit after 50 games nobody said you use cheat, i have 11 csgo acc for Faceit. INSTALLATION: 10/10 -Very easy and simple is very important,do not like complicated things 🙂 AIMBOT: 100/100 -The best one I've ever used,looks like perfect pro play.I have no words i am impressed. Find a good settings and play like monster. ESP and Triggerbot: I do not use this. SUPPORT: 10/10 For now they are very fast and efficient. Faceit lvl before this cheat 4, now 7 and every game 25+ frags. From now, you have one more loyal community member!!! Happy cheating. 🙂
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