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  1. billbo0089

    My csgo cheat review :)

    So I have had OVERMOD CSGO Cheat for almost 2 years! It is personally My favorite Cheats for Legit league playing! Has Not Been VAC detected since 2018 Has the best Legit Bot I have ever used and amazing for Dodging OW Bans Has A Great Performance Easy To Use! And have esportal and face it support for real! No Rage (Fine For Me) ESP sometimes Glitches and Does not appear at a distance Their are Some Features I Would Like to see in this Cheat! I Would Love To See SkinChanger and Model Changer! PLEASE when it coming back?? Those are just some features I would like to see! Again this cheat is very amazing for legit, maybe even the best! If you Are Looking To Buy Cheats I Highly Recommend This Cheat! ~billbo
  2. billbo0089

    LAN usage (keyboard/mouse injection)

    I payed with BTC also, I suppose you can submit a ticket if you would like. After i sent the payment it only took an hour for me to get the cheat. I'm sure it is different for everyone.
  3. billbo0089

    LAN usage (keyboard/mouse injection)

    Did the payment go through? Sometimes depending on the payment method it takes longer. I do not think you get the PM with the instructions until the money is received. I would give it more time before you submit a ticket.
  4. billbo0089

    LAN usage (keyboard/mouse injection)

    You can set a bind to run a program from your Razer Keyboard. Just hide the cheat in your files and set the bind to run it. As long as you have Silently Inject on when building the cheat you should be alright. To set the bind go into your Razer Synapse, Select the key you want to press to for the cheat to load up and apply a macro. Under the tab where you can select what macro you want choose run a program. Find the cheat you put deep in your files and then set it to the macro. every time you press that key the program will be ran. Since its silently injecting their wont be any pop up telling you that your good to go. Just start up CS:GO and you should be alright. ( ( Make sure you configured the cheat and found all the settings you like. ) ) Sorry if i made this sound super confusing it is really is not. Its much easier to explain through a video. I would link you one but i cannot find one. I hope this helped a bit and if you are still having trouble send me a PM and i will be happy to help you more.
  5. billbo0089

    CSGO Subscription

    Hello, paid with btc, please check my support ticket Can't wait to play with your cheat 😋