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  1. Pataya

    CS:GO Immunity Hack Review

    We really appreciate your honest review! Thank you.
  2. Pataya

    Fortnite Hack Review

    Lovely review! Thank you so much
  3. Pataya

    [UPDATE] Fortnite Cheat Immunity

    Hello, We were finally able to finish the FORTNITE Immunity update. CHANGELOG Completely recoded Immunity V3 from Scratch using new skills learned at uni Faster Fortnite memory scanning and attaching Less RAM usage and less CPU usage Many more small improvements and security things that I cannot really disclose for increased security. Added over 10 new features: Buy now and check them out! For all who already bought Fortnite Immunity: All that has to be done is delete all old config files(or backup them) and redownload the cheat via your custom download-URL. Regards, OvermodCheats Staff
  4. Pataya

    NEW Update (CS:GO Immunity) 

    CS:GO Immunity changelog : Trusted Mode Bypass update. Fully re-coded security driver. 70% faster starting / injecting. 5EWIN Security updated. Added ability to change the settings during the game. Improved Aimbot smoothness. Now the cheat is updated automatically. Fully re-coded Triggerbot. (Fixed hitboxes bug). Read more about this update here in VIP Section.
  5. Pataya

    esportal csgo cheat

    Yeah our cheat undetected on esportal.
  6. Nice review! Thank you very much
  7. Pataya

    CSGO FACEIT Review after a 3 months

    Thank you for testimonial. I have added some extra days to your csgo cheat subscription.
  8. Pataya

    5ewin cheat status

    Hello, yes, our CSGO cheat safe on 5Ewin
  9. Pataya

    Account VIP upgrade request

    Activated, wellcome to the OVERMOD. Best wishes, P. Closed
  10. Pataya

    csgo gamersclub and faceit

    Thank you @Jafro I have added 10+ extra days to your subscription
  11. Pataya

    Fortnite Cheat Update

    Dear VIP users and visitors today's update of Fortnite Immunity Cheat comes with the following changes: 1) Bluescreen when you changing settings in-game Issue fully fixed. 2) Some CPU Optimizations. 3) Re-coded security driver. 4) Added few new ESP features. (GLOW etc.) 5) Added Triggerbot (BETA!) 6) NEW: Streaming Mode! You can stream with Fortnite Immunity (OBS, XPLIT supported). Happy cheating! ~Pataya
  12. Pataya

    CSGO Cheat honestly

    Thank you so much for your honestly review! i have added some days to your subscription ♥️ Enjoy
  13. Pataya


    Hello, We were partially offline for several hours while I worked on upgrading several critical pieces of software we use to run our website. Everything should be fully operational again! We apologize for any inconvenience. Please report any issues in tickets as always, Thank you!
  14. Pataya

    5ewin platform

    Hello @Husa We support it officially at the moment
  15. Pataya


    Thanks for the review