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  1. Chrythic

    Free PUBG Steam accounts giveaway!

    Pls i want smurf 😛
  2. Chrythic

    PUBG Cheat down????

    Hello guys PUBG hack is down? Cheat just don’t worked for me but yesterday I played and everything was fine 😞
  3. Chrythic

    pubg cheat review by me

    quick review of the PUBG Hack. I was very skeptical of this hack but I decided to subscribe when it was offered. 10/10... Aimbot was amazing, everything is customizable from FOV to inaccuracy of your shots. After a few weeks I have created my own profile that suited my game style. I've played with friends who do not suspect a thing! Very cheap and super secure PUBG cheat! Nothing to say, that’s just amazing. Thanks a lot for a great support too. Never detected, very smooth Aimbot, fast updates, I like it. Thank you, and enjoy.