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  1. I received some recomendations of from a friend who using escape From Tarkov cheat, after some time i finally bought it and there is my review: ESP (Visuals): 0% fps drops makes me score it as 8.5/10 Sometimes, items dissapears maybe cause of any bug but even that doesn't make me to give it a low score. Settings allows you to modify distance and size of items and player esp's. Aim bot: Score: 8/10 Of course, if you're a legit player, you probably wont use but as far as i tried it, i can tell it's very obvious sometimes, you can actually edit settings so you can make it very legit, but it's quite hard to do so, btw it's a great aimbot and has the best prediction i've seen. Score: 8/10 Security: Score: 11/10 I said it before, this is by far the safest cheat i ever tried, you SHOULD get this cheat, probably you wont get banned if you know how to dissimulate it a bit. Very nice cheat, maybe the best on the market, safe and good. Also it's price is reasonable and cheap so it makes it the best eft cheat. P.S sorry for my bad English
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    EFT hack status

    No, overmod just safe
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    Pre Purchase questions

    Thanks guys, overmod assisting me 👍
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    Pre Purchase questions

    Hi can anyone assist with a few questions I have before I make a purchase? Thanks in advance