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  1. aimbot - 10/10 the legitbot is really good and way better than what ive used in the past. configuring - 8/10 everything can be configured. but i feel like there is too much settings and that can be annoying if you dont know what settings you will be comfortable with esp - 10/10 no complaints skin/glove changer - 7/10 it okay. could be better. i see someone suggested a non-site method, im for that too. support - 10/10 owners care a lot about the cheat, always looking to help overall 9/10 im really happy with this cheat and plan on purchasing a lifetime version. this is the type of cheat that doesnt make me paranoid or stressed when using it, i havent gotten banned on any of my accounts and it works on FACEIT client
  2. skymode

    mouse raw input

    Mouse raw input MUST be off. It is a must, it doesn't work if its ON. So yeah, you play with aimbot + rawinput off
  3. skymode

    ESEA UD??

    Dont actually know any cheat that supports ESEA rofl.
  4. Hello, Do you guys accept Neteller payment or funds by Mobile transfer?