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    No overmod does not support esea. But FACEIT client is ok now
  2. kastle17

    Honest review (short)

    Hello boys and grills, here I am. Writing an honest review for the current version of Immunity (CS:GO). Aimbot The aimbot is really good. I'm a person with kinda good clean aiming, so I don't need a high FOV etc. In my opinion, the aimbot is really good. It looks damn legit. (My aimbot settings: FOV 1.2, Smooth 30%). Nobody noticed that I'm using an aimbot. So I'm gonna give the aimbot 10/10 points. ESP/Wallhack You got everything you need. Skeleton, Backtrack ESP, Chams, etc. Colors are easy adjustable. Also you got weapon esp etc., which is adjustable too (enable/disable). 10/10 points Misc Skinchanger is working as it should. BUT in my opinion, it shouldn't apply to all weapons you pickup. Only to the guns you have purchased. But that's only my opinion. Bhop, Autostrafer etc. are working like a charm aswell. I had no crashes so far. The only problem I currently have is, that the cheat isn't working on panorama for me. But that's getting fixed soon (hopefully, hehe). 🙂 It's an short testimonial, yes I know. I just wanted to post it, as I really like the cheat itself. The staff here is nice too. Can definitely recommend to buy.