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CS:GO MatchMaking Red Trust Factor Wave 2022

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Dear newcomers and customers,

Many cheating related forum users are reporting a wave of red trust factors. Many External cheats after CSGO the security update began to be detected by the anti-cheat system VAC/Valve. Meaning Valve himself introduced checks to the netvar like iglow.index etc with the latest Updates.

We glad to inform you that CSGO OVERMOD Immunity Private Cheat was not seen in this wave, all users who follow the instructions and play legit do not receive the Red Trust Factor. We are still 100% Undetected by Valve Anti-Cheat System since release. Also, we are still undetected on FACEIT Client, ESPORTAL, Gamersclub, 5EWIN and PerfectWorld Platforms.

Be apart of detections with OVERMOD! 

Start cheating today! 

Kind regards,

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